Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Bunny Haven Manor is not a big place. Less than 800 square feet. So there is a strict "in-out" policy. When new (or new to me) things come in, other things must leave. It keeps the place relatively uncluttered. It reminds me that people matter more than stuff.

The "in-out" policy is also a way of ensuring I'm only surrounded by things I love and that have meaning in my life. You become focused on what you makes you feel happy when there is not much "stuff" to distract you.

These mugs are not a good example. They are my two best tea mugs for hand-feel and keeping tea warm. But, as both were given to me by people I don't like, I have unpleasant associations every time I use them.  (Oddly, people I love tend to gift me with mugs that suck at keeping tea the proper temperature.)

From mugs to a mug shot. That's how I feel about pictures. Illusions as easily shattered as crockery. My ex-husband was more of documentarian. He liked to photograph times in our lives and various objects - sunsets, flowers, paths, railroad tracks, me....

Now I'm left with a series of mug shots that chronicle the dissolution of our marriage.
October 2009 -  Las Vegas, the day after we got married
When I thought marriage meant forever

September 2011 - At a Sunday afternoon beach concert
When he was looking at apartments, and I did not know anything was wrong.
March 2012 - at the Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens
When he was having an affair, and I did not know

Take-away - It's your job to figure out what you'll leave behind. Maybe it's time to find a new way to document your life.