Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Closed Path

Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted I should ever come back. (Robert Frost)

Of late people keep telling me that they see me setting new goals and taking steps forward. The support is amazing and very appreciated. But I'm always slightly puzzled by the observation. Of course I'm making new goals. All my prior goals and plans were an "us" that is no more. I cannot continue on that path as it is closed.

So I stand in the snow and make plans for new paths in spring. While the snow falls and covers what once was in a blanket of forgetfulness. Lethe frozen and poured over the landscape of my life.

Spring is often perceived as gentle. It's not. Ask any mother, the birth process is rarely gentle. Young arrive covered in blood. New growth feeds on what came before. In time what now is blurs the outlines of what was. People forget. Life goes on.

Take-away - It's time to clear a path and plant new seeds. Spring has always been my favorite season.

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