Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twitter Life

Social media is part of my work life but I have a very different relationship with it in my everyday life. Facebook - meh. Pinterest - take or leave. Twitter - hurray! I love the brevity and immediacy. I love the snippets of people's lives. I love the sharing. I love the inspiration available at my fingertips. I love the news that comes to me with brevity - cuts down on the rhetoric. I love that the topics are as varied as the people. I love that whatever your mood - you can find playmates of like-mind.

Before this year, I would have said "Whatever, Twitter." But Twitter has honestly changed my life. The acceptance and support I've received there during this time has been amazing. I've "met" people and made "Twitter friends" with people I probably would have never known in real life.

Some people I follow for business tips, some people I follow for inspiration - and then there are the people I follow because they are who they are, my Twitter friends.
- Larisa Walk, who is Russian, trades herbal lore with me and writes fantasy books (@LarisaWalk)
- Art, who always uplifts me with his faith
- Leah, who makes beautiful socks, gardens, has horses, loves NASCAR and checks in on my emotional status
- A talented photographer who shares her beautiful view of the world
- A stay-at-home mom in Arizona with twisted funny mind and 2am shopping habits like mine (@pixiebythemoon)
- A fitness coach who serves up inspiration on a regular basis (@BAShepp)
- A hilarious Southerner with a Bettie Page/Lucille Ball vibe (@dixie_dupree)
- The military version of my nutty cousin Geoff (@Buzzy_Gran)
- My "band-mates" - a Chicago girl and Canadian bird - who make me laugh and see the world in different ways
- My favorite Canadian soul-sister who is willing to be my crazy first date doubles partner (in wedding dresses, no less!) (@Lani_Hayden)
- A hairdresser with a "mini" me kid and the audacity to still be a bombshell
- A middle school teacher whose wry view on the world has a distinctly Cajun flavor (@JolieEsprit)
- A Tennessee dragon (he's really a marshmallow)
- A rainy spirit with a warm heart in California
- A poet from Canada
- A loudmouth IT guy from Texas
- My cultured theater friend who offers support and Asian flair to my world
- My go-to guy for guy perspective in California
- A NYC chick with a Dr. Who fascination
- An international fashion plate with a distinct life philosophy
- An Irish blogger who sees a world of beauty
These are the people* who make my Twitterverse go round and fill my world with new thoughts and laughter.
Twitter tip - follow the Canadians; they are a riot. (And the Aussies)

Much like this blog, I'm always amazed that anyone on Twitter finds my random little life observations and interactions of interest. And grateful when they choose to participate in my world. It injects fun into my daily life. Something I need a great deal at the moment. Not to be overly dramatic, but their Twitter presence has been a balm on my troubled soul.

Take-away: Be open to new ways to experiencing the world. You might really like them.

*Anyone I did not mention- you seem to value your privacy, even within the public sphere of the Twitterverse. I am trying to respect that - but I still love you and honor your participation in my Twitter kingdom.

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  1. That's awesome and I'm glad to be in the 'Band'.

    I couldn't agree more. In my time on Twitter I would never have believed it but I need my outlet, I need my contact with these people, these 'strangers' have become an important part of my day and often times the reason I smile at my phone for what might seem no reason.


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