Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chaos, Panic, Disorder

"Chaos, panic, disorder - my work here is done." It's more than a statement about my disheveled dining room table. It's a catch phrase I like to invoke - occasionally while leaving the emotional room and throwing the metaphorical match over my shoulder.

Sometimes I fluster people with my intensity and logic. I give them new paths of thought and inquiry that they had not previously considered. It can be very disorienting. Depending on topic, it's been known to shift world views.

This natural "talent" is both part of my thought patterns and  a side effect of the nature of my work that bleeds over into my personal life. Observe, analyze, and predict future behavior by past actions.

Tip 1: Doesn't work on stocks - but it's great on people's behaviors.
Tip 2: The first time someone shows you who they are - believe them.

Take-away - Chaos and disorder are the natural state of the universe. Panic is a choice.

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