Friday, November 2, 2012

Love Landscape

At the moment, life seems a little unreal. It's certainly not what I planned and not what I wanted. But my choices were not the only ones that created this life. What I did choose is who I brought into my life; unfortunately those choices limited who else was in my life. It changed my love landscape.

Sometimes the trick is not in finding love - but in seeing love where it really lives.

This month, I've learned how to let people back into my life. To accept their love. To know that love takes different shapes and means different things to different people. Love is a gift given in the present. If we're lucky, it's the foundation of our past. If not, then love now can make our life foundations stronger.  The hope of love in the future can be what keeps us going.

Surviving is easier than nourishing oneself.  Surviving is what one does in an emotional desert. Love makes self-nourishment possible - it makes the desert into an oasis.

Take-away - Know that you are loved. Deeply and fully. For who you are.

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