Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gone Baby Gone

The Herd is missing "Molly, no!". She went to live with the ex. He needed comfort, and I knew she'd do fine as an only cat. 

Molly in her special South facing window
Griffin misses her. For the first three days, he did not eat. He acted like he wanted to eat with everyone, but once I put down the food - he went back to his bed and just laid there (curled in a  circle with his eyes wide open, responding to nothing). He missed Molly so very much. Killian and Wesley were, and still are, extra nice to him. On day four, he started eating again. But no one plays with him - that was Molly's job.

For a week, I heard phantom chirps. Molly has a particularly cute, sweet, cheerful little chirp. Usually at birds. Sometimes at me if she wanted petted. I'd sit on the couch; the boys would come over for "pets"; I would hear Molly chirps even though I could clearly see the boys and no one was making noise.

This is week two. The ex came to get her two Sundays ago - just 3 days before the divorce was final. He'd moved to a new city (got promotion) and picked out a special apartment for her - three big beautiful windows with deep sills for her to sit in, a south-facing exposure on the porch, two kinds of scratching posts, and more cat toys than any one cat would ever need. (Plus a "princess" bowl.)

I know she's well-cared for. I know she's loved. I know she's happy. And I still miss her.

Take-away - Sometimes sharing what you love hurts. Do it anyway.

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