Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall changes

Spring may be the season of renewal, but fall is a season of change with its own unique beauty.

I got married in the fall and now I'm divorced in the fall. There is a symmetry to that. Balance as found in nature.

Leaves blowing on the landscape
Balance would be something I'm striving for right now. I feel out of balance with my life. Part of it is the number of changes that have happened in a row - like dominos falling. At this moment, I'm trying to pause as I look at this fresh chance to create my life.

A little self-care is necessary. Taking time out when I need it. Resting. Meeting work expectations but knowing that it's okay to let parts of my ever-present to-do list slide. Looking around to see the beauty that moves me. Accepting the abundant love offered by the many people in my life.

The odd part is - as I've paused, things I used to chase have come to me. Not without effort but without struggle. Blessings have unfolded. And in the pause, I realize that while I might not always have everything I want, I've always had everything I needed. And that is enough.

Take-away - The garden rests before it blooms again. Rest as you need to refresh your soul.  The next bloom is coming.

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