Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Mystery of Who

Action flicks are addicting. I love them. Basically because I hate working out,  and they motivate me. Occasionally they also make me think about life.

Alias and Dollhouse are particular favorites. (I know - for those who are sticklers, they are TV shows. But I like to think of them as mini-movies. Serenity and Terminator 2 also rank.)

There is a certain mystique about being someone else. In Sydney Bristow's case, she did that while still being herself. For Echo/Caroline, she was wholly someone new every time. In both cases, they got to leave behind all the all the everyday cares and worries. The things that hold us back some times. They got to be the parts of themselves that we hide.

It seems appealing sometimes to be someone else. To try a different look. To try a different personality. To be brave. To be bold. To be daring. To have unexpected skills. To know the right thing to say or do.  To be accepted without trying - or to not be and not care.

In real life, trying on a different look can result in ridicule or questions. Trying to learn new skills is hard. Trying to be different can cause people to question your decisions and choices, at best.

Take-away - Look into that part of yourself that you are afraid to show.  Think about why. And then stop being hemmed in by others' expectations. The mystery of who you are is yours to unravel.

(Soundtrack - Ophelia by Natalie Merchant)

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