Monday, September 3, 2012

Real Life

If this were a romance novel, right now a handsome stranger who is handy with tools would be moving in to the house across the street.

But this is real life, so it's dating sites. There is an blog entry (or novel) waiting to happen! I've discovered I'm catnip to 19-26 year old guys. Sadly, I'm not a cougar and I don't want to be a substitute mommy.  Apparently grown ups are in short supply.

So, I'm going to go on about being me without worrying about dating. If asked, I'm going to treat it like a job interview - always say yes. You never know if it is the perfect job/man for you. But with a few parameters for safety and compatibility. Now, I need to go write that romance novel....

(Soundtrack: Carly Simon - Don't Wrap It Up.)

 Update - 9/23/12 - Thanks to whomever signed me up with the e-mail I use professionally for every dating site and divorce lawyer possibly available! Since I never research lawyers and even 4 years ago when on used a private e-mail address (and this site/prior site goes to still another e-mail address), it would have to have been manual. I did not do it. So, thanks - finding it a total hoot!

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