Saturday, September 1, 2012

Irreverent Observation

As noted in Funniest Commercial Ever, I adore commercials. I think of them as snippets of Americana.

(Warning, due to observations on cultural racial prejudices, some may find this posting offensive.)

Lately I've observed an interesting phenomenon in commercials, the ambiguously ethnic Mom. The dad is clearly white bread American but the mom is vaguely Hispanic/Asian. My working theory is that since WW2,  with the influx of GI wives from all points of the compass, we are accustomed to accepting exotic wives.

Of course, the next thing one notices is how infrequently the dad figure is ethnic and paired with a Caucasian wife - at least on TV. In my every day life, I actually see fairly equal amounts of mixed race couples. So why isn't the reality of what I see in life reflected on TV?

Take-away - As Seen on TV doesn't make it real

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