Saturday, September 8, 2012

How Do You Define You?

At work recently we did a promotion to make our sales folks more "accessible" by having them answer some questions. And I realized I couldn't give ONE answer to most of them.

1) Most things in my life are transient. I change like the wind blows
2) One thing never holds my interest for long

- Favorite TV Show: Mad Men, Dexter, Big Bang Theory (make of that what you will)
- Favorite Band: Broken Bells, Shiny Toy Guns, and The Band Perry but that's just today and liable to change tomorrow (Sting, Florence & the Machine, Alan Jackson, etc)
- Favorite Food: Thai, Doritos, anything from the garden

It makes me wonder about how we decide who we are. Is it by our favorite things? Is it by long held beliefs? If we make different choices, do we become different people? I'd like to think so.

Take-away - Don't let anything or anyone define you except for you and your choices.

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