Thursday, August 30, 2012

Unexpected Gifts

Sometimes life hands you lemons; and sometimes you are surprised by lemonade.

During this transitional time period, I've learned about unexpected blessings. Kindness from strangers. And simple humanity.
A gift of broken flowers
I've always understood about making the most of what's given to you. It's one of my talents! Flowers fall down in the garden - so I bring them in. And the gift I find in the basement is a vase with the same color ribbon. It makes a pretty display.

Other less expected things can be gifts as well. A phone call from someone just to see how you are. 

My ex was always more likable then I am. Kinder. A nicer person. In most social situations, I just assumed he was the one people responded to. I never thought that I might be the one they liked. That phone call meant so much more than the caller understood.

Most people measure gifts in material things. I never have. Actions speak much louder than words to me.  (Big fan of the book Love Languages. Acts of service is definitely one of mine!)

Take-away - Blessings sometimes take unexpected form.

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