Sunday, August 26, 2012

Orange Love

Long before Tangerine Tango was the 2012 color of the year, I loved orange. In all reality what I really love is orange FOOD. It can be natural or it can be fake. All good in my world. In fact, I suspect some element of the orange food coloring to be addictive.

Orange food sounds weird, but it is good. There are so many options orange food options...

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Pumpkins (muffins, pie, soup, ravioli- all good)
Mac n' Cheese
Nectarines (I count them!)
Sweet potatoes
(Favorites highlighted with bold - but in all honesty, I never turn down orange food.)

My love for/possible  slight addiction to orange food (especially crunchy) has come back to the forefront recently. It is my go-to food in times of stress or increased need for energy. I've hit the vending machine twice this week for a Doritos high - despite my commitment to healthier eating and weight reduction. This little "slip" was in addition to several oranges.

Last year we even planted two peach trees and some carrots. I thought that growing my own orange food would be a less obvious way to feed my addiction. Yeah, I'm not fooling anyone. Friends and family regularly offer me orange food. It's done with love, so I'm good with their support of my little "problem".

Speaking of garden - it is a GORGEOUS day today. Must go outside NOW and begin to get the garden and yard ready for spring. I want to get those carrots in early....

Take-away - Love what you love. Eventually the style will catch up to your coolness.

2/19/12 Update - OMG. Did anyone see the orange firings article?

(Thanks for letting me re-post. This is one of those entries I did not want to lose because my love of orange food is pretty central to my life.)

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