Friday, August 24, 2012

Luck Dragon

Some days you need a little luck. Today is one for me. But I'm good - long ago and far away, I rode the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story.

I visited a German film studio. I was picked out of a crowd - like Lana Turner but a lot less photogenic and talented - to star in a short clip as "girl, screaming" while on site. (Severe lack of acting talent blew up the standard kid dream of being a famous actress!) The studio happened to be where the Luck Dragon was on display - so I climbed on board.

Sounds melodramatic but it changed my life. We make choices. This one was to be brave and try something unsanctioned - without asking permission. My first time to do that. Not the last. Memorable because it was the first time, and there were no repercussions.That emboldened me, for life.

There's an old saying "better the hell you know". I've always disagreed - in part because of what I learned by riding the Luck Dragon. The unknown can be scary, but you have the control since you made the decision. Sometimes the harder choice is following through with a daunting decision.

Take-away - Make a decision. Luck is on your side, always.

(Soundtrack: P!nk's Glitter in the Air)

Thanks for letting me re-vist a post from the prior blog. I enjoyed the re-write!

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