Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Funniest Commercial Ever

I love commercials. I have a slew of favorites. A new one just joined the ranks. "Cat Boots" from Temptations. Mostly because - they are cats being fake boots, people!!!

Ruminating about past favorites...

  • Does anyone remember Wendell from Miller High Life? Now his take on the Super Bowl commercials of 2008 was enjoyable! Low budget but completely creative and totally on target brand-wise. 
  • One that wasn't on target but was still classically memorable EDS's cat herders. Though I'm 97% sure it was UBS when it first came out...
    • In the same "lots of cute animals" category is the much more on target  Sprint dachshunds commercial. They used an iconic spokesperson and showed need for their product.
    • Still on the animal theme, there is the current Iam's set (dog and cat)
  • And let's not forget Snicker's  "I am Batman" funfest! Absolute classic in my world. Partially because it retained its relevance as time passed, unlike Snicker's political ad. (Which was a complete riot at the time.)

Sadly, I don't drink beer, the Herd is on prescription food due to health issues, and I like my current wireless carrier. But when I go to the store later today, I'm definitely picking up a Snickers...

Take away - Make conscious choices. And always accept gift Doritos.

(This is a partial re-take on a post from the prior blog based on the LOL quality of the Temptations commercial. Thanks for letting me re-visit it.)

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