Monday, August 27, 2012

Ordinary Extraordinary People

Do you ever think about the people who populate your world and how amazingly talented they are?

This weekend I worked on the house. Small stuff. Cleaning up Molly fur in the room she likes to think of as "hers" so it is people friendly again. Putting up window clings for privacy. The busy work gave me lots of time to think. And I realized I know some extraordinary people. In particular I know several authors who've written amazing works.

John Gaski and I serve on a board together. He wrote a book - one of several that he's authored - called Frugal Cool: How to Get Rich without Making Very Much Money.  John's one of those people whose ideas are very actionable and real-world.

Michelle Richards belongs to the same church I do. And she's a secret celebrity. She has written several books on parenting and blogs about being a UU Parent. I figure when I'm a parent someday, I have an inside source. (WWMD may be my mantra on tough days.)

What do both of these two people have in common? If you met them, neither would mention their fame. They are not the type to bask in glory or to shout out "notice me". They just quietly go about making the world a better place. And that is extraordinary.

Take-away - Look around. You may be surprised by the talent and grace that surrounds you.

Here's the window with the new privacy film

November 2013 Update - I know a LOT of people who write apparently. Other cool people include:

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